Different countries and state have different criterion in which they term a vehicle as salvage.  Most of the insurance firms have branded vehicle salvage depending on the percentage in which the vehicle uses during repair where seventy five and above in percentage brands a vehicle salvage.  After a total loss of a vehicle, an insurance company will often pay the vehicle thus this is deemed as salvage. A vehicle that requires  to be replaced fully is said to being a total loss.  There are very many reasons as to why a vehicle is said to being salvaged.  Floods can cause a vehicle to be termed salvage.  Countries and states that receive heavy down pour which may result to the car drowning thus destroying all the engine compartment may make a vehicle to be branded salvage.

 In times where the vehicle in question has had an accident leaving it in full wreckage where the cost of repair is more than three quarters of its value, then it's said to be salvage.  There are countries and states that will give a vehicle the salvage title if it has been lost and lacks to be found within a specified duration most probably twenty one days in some states. In most cases a salvage vehicle may lack a resale value since it lacks the required documents given by the law.   salvaged vehicles may lack the required documents to operate in the public roads where this is not in every state but in a number of them.A vehicle may also be termed as salvage if stolen and not recovered within certain duration. The insurance company will take the bait and give back a vehicle to the insured.  A lost and found vehicle will at times lack the necessary documents thus will be termed salvage. 

 Exposed vehicle in natural disaster may as well be said to be salvage. There are a variety of steps that one has to undertake after a vehicle is written off as salvage and wants to acquire the necessary documents. One can visit the authorities where the state will issue a rebuilt title.  the rebuild title will be possessed by a vehicle that has undergone  inspection. Learn more about salvage vehicles by visiting Silverlake Garage.

 Mechanics will at times use old components in a vehicle that do not exist in the modern cars thus such cars will have rebuilt titles of salvaged cars. the unique vehicles that almost seize to exist may be named salvage. 

There are vehicles that need to be sold in spare parts only thus such cars are salvaged. Get more info at https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle.
 Reasons for a Vehicle to Be Deemed Salvage