The salvage vehicles are vehicles that have been rebranded repaired and taken back to their normality and they are ready to function of course they are rebranded reshaped and fixed in a very good and durable manner so that they can resold at a very friendly price.  The reason as to why you will have the insurance company trying to have for you sold is because they want to do away with it and all what is expected for you is to think of the right thing you can do with it.  The most important thing you need to take care of is the way you are going to have one of the salvage car you need to be very keen you need to know what you are going to buy you can either be able to repair or to have what kind of repair you may want.
  The thing that you are supposed to be keen is for you to go for that which is good for you if you think you can repair your car then you need to make sure that you do it the right way and you need to have the right things that you are supposed to check the condition of the salvaged car and then you can be able to know if you need it or not. In the past you will come to notice that you are supposed not to have the salvage car without its condition being accessed by the relevant body that is supposed to do so even now you need not to burden yourself without the assessment of the salvaged car you need to know what or how much it will cost you for you to have it repaired or the financial gain from it.  The fact that a car can be salvage but for instance it could be having the best engine and may be the engine is not spoilt but the body is fully spoilt then  you can buy it for the sake of that spare part so that you can benefit from them .
  You need to have your risk assessment as you go for the salvage car you go to get it you need to be sure that you will have it to serve you as you would wish to have it serving you without any kind of difficulties. The other factor you need to check is the possible life time of the salvage car if may be repaired you need to check on its durability you have to make sure that you do not risk just anyhow. Read more about salvage cars UK on this page:
 How To Get The Right Salvage Vehicles